Pennsauken Education Association


Pennsauken PRIDE! is an ongoing campaign created to share the education successes of the Pennsauken School District with all Pennsauken residents and build strong community support for and involvement in our great public schools.

As part of the Pennsauken PRIDE! campaign, members of the Pennsauken Education Association, Pennsauken Support Staff Association, and the Pennsauken Association of School Secretaries will embark upon projects that will bring the public schools out into the community and the community into the public schools. To that end, members of these respective groups will endeavor to become a unified force of volunteerism within the Pennsauken community.

Pennsauken PRIDE! maintains an email blast list that contains the addresses of over 700 Pennsauken supporters! If you would like to receive email blasts advertising Pennsauken PRIDE! events, send a message to Danielle Ford and get involved!